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  • Was a great afternoon for bike riding and ice cream cones in CW today. - Jenni
  • Happy Sunday! Love this fun little pillow from @deannart with her artwork on it. She's got lots of other ones to choose from on her website. We are in the process of switching over to a brand new website and as soon as we've got it fully up and running (should be later this week!) we will have a blog post up with more shots of this room. As always, you can tap for some sources or you can also take a screenshot if you have the app for lots of links. Wall color is Blue Note by @benjaminmoore. It reads a darker in this picture than real life though. #liketkit - Jenni
  • Time for a #followfriday. Joan, from @fortheloveofahouse has the most beautiful home I've ever been in. We had the privilege of visiting her a few years ago and each and every room took my breath away. - Jenni
  • #tbt Our old guest room two years ago. You can tap for some sources or click on the link in our profile to head on over to the blog post that has a detailed source list and more images. #liketkit - Jenni
  • Good morning! #tbt - Jenni
  • After hunting on Craigslist for months and months we finally found an inexpensive piano at an estate sale! Lillie has been playing non-stop. Ha! And then we added this new piece of art from the @framebridge's new collection at @cb2! I love how it ties this room together and the frame is beautiful!!! The artist is @dailyoverview. They have so many cool pieces. We will be sharing more pics on the blog soon of the progress we've made in this room (although it's not finished yet). As usual, you can tap for other sources. #CB2xFramebridge #sp - Jenni
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