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  • We've got a new blog post up about the new custom sectional we just ordered from @interiordefine! You can head on over to the blog to see what sofa and fabric we chose. And once it arrives this one will move upstairs to our bonus room (which you can see a little preview of in our "stories" right now). The link to our new post is in our profile. And you can find a detailed source list on our website as well. #sp -Jenni
  • We've got a new blog post up about a change we are making to our family room. Head on over to see which fabric from @interiordefine we ended up choosing. It was so hard to decide! (Link in profile). #sp - Jenni
  • Happy Monday! - Jenni
  • Hope you've had a wonderful weekend! (Sources list can be found by clicking on the link in our profile). #liketkit - Jenni
  • Happy Sunday! - Jenni
  • I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday! (You can tap for some sources or head on over to the blog for more details including paint color. Link is in profile.) #liketkit - Jenni
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