The weather here has been absolutely beautiful lately! Perfect for eating meals on the porch and snuggling out here with a book. I’ve even been bringing my computer out here and working this week. This was the space that we first fell in love with when we saw the house.

With the exception of hanging some of her Sound of Music posters and other pictures over on the wall above her keyboard (shown at the end of the post) I think we are pretty much done for now with Lillie’s room! We had initially talked about doing pink and aqua in here but somehow pretty much everything she found ended up being pink or gold.


Although it still isn’t finished, we have made some more progress in Lola’s room. She has very strong opinions on what she likes so her room is going somewhat slowly and it is definitely going in a different direction than I had envisioned but she loves it and it definitely is a reflection of her personality!

We recently made a fun change in the sunroom. The left wall had previously had a green and white wallpaper on them, and I had painted right over the wallpaper as a quick fix last spring with Benjamin Moore Wales Gray. The lines where the strips met up were faintly visible, but not too badly.