Category: Bluestone Hill

This is the room that never ends…I can’t believe I actually began painting it last summer! And even though I say it is “finished” there are actually two windows on the wall opposite the doors that need to be replaced because you can feel the draft if you stand right in front of them in the winter, and I’m on the lookout for a narrow table to go along the wall on that side as well.

We recently made a fun change in the sunroom. The left wall had previously had a green and white wallpaper on them, and I had painted right over the wallpaper as a quick fix last spring with Benjamin Moore Wales Gray. The lines where the strips met up were faintly visible, but not too badly.

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Good morning!

This living room has been a long time coming, to say the least. I started painting in here shortly before Evie stopped napping late last summer–at which point, progress came to a screeching halt. After months and months of painting a little bit here, a little bit there, and several intervals of giving up, I have finally painted over all the green trim, beams, and built-ins.

I don’t like change. I resist it like my toddler does a spoonful of spinach: I see it coming and hide my face. I have been planning this shared bedroom since before Christmas but I’m not sure if I will ever pull the trigger. I love routine and loathe transitions, and even though there are many benefits to bringing Lucie (Eloise…who we call Lucie but I like to throw her real name out there every now and then so we don’t forget it) downstairs with the rest of us, I am hesitant to upset the balance when they both sleep well.